Scaling Congress

(This post was written by Tim Hinrichs, Shawn Hargan, and Alex Yip.)

Policy is a topic that we’ve touched on before here at Network Heresy. In fact, policy was the focus of a series of blog posts: first describing the policy problem and why policy is so important, then describing the range of potential solutions, followed by a comparison of policy efforts within OpenStack, and finally culminating in a detailed description of Congress: a project aimed at providing “policy as a service” to OpenStack clouds. (Check out the OpenStack wiki page on Congress for more details on the Congress project itself.)

Like other OpenStack projects, Congress is moving very quickly. Recently, one of the lead developers of Congress summarized some of the performance improvements that have been realized in recent builds of Congress. These performance improvements include things like much faster query performance, massive reductions in data import speeds, and significant reductions in memory overhead.

If you’re interested in the full details on the performance improvements that the Congress team is seeing, go read the full post on scaling the performance of Congress over at ruleyourcloud.com. (You can also subscribe to the RSS feed to get automatic updates when new posts are published.)