It has been said over and over that all your pet needs is food, water, a clean environment, and love to be healthy and happy. While that is a nice sentiment, it isn’t exactly true. For years now, people have known that certain chemical and fillers in dog and cat foods are harmful to their pets, but did you know that flea and tick products, pet shampoos, and even dietary supplements that are made for pets made actually make them sick or shorten their lifespan too? 

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way with new animal innovations in supplements that we can provide our pets. Just as we’ve learned that natural vitamins and supplements are better for our health and the health of our families, we are now discovering that natural organic supplements and products are better for our pets’ health as well. Keep reading to learn more!

Natural and Organic is Better

Many pet owners notice that after using flea and tick products on their pets, some pets tend to develop rashes, itchy skin, and hair loss. These symptoms have been associated with toxic chemicals in these types of products. Many pets also have severe reactions to pet shampoos and even to ear cleaning solutions. 

However, it has been discovered that animals treated with organic and or natural plant-based products tend to experience less negative effects, which is why many companies are now coming up with natural and organic products and supplements for your pets. These animal innovations in pet care products are gentler on your furry friend – both inside and out – while still producing healthy benefits for your pet. 

If you are looking for safe, gentle flea and tick treatments for your pets, as well as natural herbal-based shampoos, itch tonics, ear washes, and more, then Wondercide products may be right for you and your pet. 

If you are looking for animal innovations in pet care supplements to treat itchy skin, aging in your dog or cat, urinary problems, kidney issues, or to help heal their sore paws, then try Pet Wellbeing supplements and pet care products.

New Animal Innovations in Pet Products are Better for Your Health

New animal innovations in pet care supplements and related products made from natural plants and organic substances are not just good for your pet’s health, but they are good for your family’s health as well. Many of the pet shampoos, flea and tick treatments, and other products that are toxic to animals are toxic to humans as well, especially young children. 

If you use a shampoo on your dog containing toxic chemicals or substances and then your child hugs your pet and puts their hands in their mouth or rubs their face, they are absorbing some of those toxins as well. Flea and tick sprays and collars have been found to be just as harmful to humans as they are to your pet. 

If you want to protect your dog or cat, as well as your human family members, from harsh chemicals and toxins, look non-toxic, organic pet care supplements and products.