New York City is considered one of the fashion capitals of the world; therefore, if you are interested in fashion and want to take an internship for a fashion magazine, finding an internship with one of the NYC fashion magazines is worth the effort. 

An NYC fashion internship at any New York fashion magazine can give you a ton of valuable experience both in the magazine and fashion industry. Not only do interns get to see the latest fashions, but they also learn how to accessorize clothing, how to set up a fashion shoot, how to work closely with fashion editors, and how to write for the magazine, review fashion shows and so much more. The experience you gain in the field of fashion at an NYC fashion internship is invaluable, whether you are a budding fashion designer or simply interested in working full time for a large fashion magazine. 

You do need to be aware that many NYC fashion internship programs are either unpaid or offer very low pay, so you will need to have some way of covering your living expenses while doing your internship. That’s why student interns usually get these jobs rather than adults. (However, sometimes adults will luck out and get such an internship!)

When is the Best Time for a Fashion Magazine Internship?

Most people find that the best time to commit themselves to a fashion magazine internship is either while they are still in school or right after they graduate. That way they use the internship as experience on an application for any job in fashion. Some magazine internships in fashion even allow you to get college credit for the internship, which gives you double the benefits of the experience you get from one of these internships. 

If you’ve seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada, you may be aware that some of these internships result in long days and even some late nights when packing for fashion shoots. You will learn to meet deadlines and to work under stress. (Fortunately, most NYC fashion internships aren’t that harsh.)

You can also apply and do more than one NYC fashion internship at different times. For example, some people choose to do an internship at a couple of different fashion magazines, while others choose to do internships at a magazine then in a cutting room or for fashion runway shows (such as during Fashion Week) to vary their experiences so they are more rounded when applying for a full-time fashion job.

Best Magazines to Apply for a New York Fashion Internship 

If you plan on applying for an NYC fashion internship with a fashion magazine, you will want to try to get an internship at a popular and well-read fashion magazine. Here are the best magazines to which you will want to apply for a fashion internship. Be aware that you’ll need to meet the strict requirements for each position, which may include previous student journalism or fashion blogging experience, and professional recommendations.

Before applying for a fashion magazine internship, do your homework and learn everything you can about the magazine, and their goals. Then put your best foot forward and write a fantastic cover letter. Submit it with your resume and recommendations, and voilà! Soon you’ll find out if you’re on your way to an NYC fashion internship.