Handling a remote team is not the easiest task. They have fewer opportunities to socialize and they don’t have a way to get to know new members. Such remoteness in work can lead to feelings of disconnection and isolation.

That is why your business needs virtual team building activities. It will allow the workers to get to know each other and feel more connected. They will drive a sense of belonging and community that everyone needs.

Here are our top choices for creative virtual team building activities.

1. Weekly Trivia Contest

People love trivia. Jeopardy is a big example of how much people love taking part in trivia contests. So, you can create such a contest for your virtual team as well.

You can decide:

  • Categories (Current events, entertainment, science, etc.)
  • Timing (Day the contest will take place)
  • Difficulty (Beginner, intermediate, or advanced)
  • Region (Do you want to include your global teammates or just the ones in your state?)

If you want a platform for automated weekly trivia quizzes for your remote team, then you can opt for Water Cooler Trivia. It is a platform that will automate the entire process to make things seamless. It is one of the best exercises for virtual team building.

2. Two Truths And A Lie

Two truths and a lie is a well0known icebreaker activity. It is the perfect choice for virtual team building, especially if your team is new. In this exercise, every team member has to present three statements about themselves.

The statement should have two truths and one lie. The other team members will then take turns to recognize the truths and the lie. Once everyone has submitted their guesses, the speaker will reveal the lie.

To make this game more fun, you can also come up with a point system. In the end, the person with the highest points i.e. the correct guesses will be the winner.

3. A Virtual Home Tour

Do you want your team to get to know each other more personally? If you do, then this is the perfect virtual team building exercise. The activity requires members to virtually open their homes to each other.

Each member will take a short video showing their home and their favorite places and possessions. This virtual team building exercise is known to enhance connection, cohesiveness, and camaraderie. However, it is best for smaller remote teams.

If you have a large team, you can assign one weekday to every team to give a peek into their houses. That way, no one will have to look at endless houses at one time.

Final Words

These are the top three virtual team building activities that will bring your team closer. It will lead to enhanced feelings of connection and cohesiveness within the team. There are endless such activities you can choose from for your virtual team.

You can indulge in such activities every week so your team can always feel connected. After all, remote teams need a higher sense of connection.