Millions of people all over the world suffer from arthritis. In the present day, it is one of the most common medical conditions in the world. There is a common misconception about arthritis that it happens due to old age and that most people suffering from it are old. Where old age can affect your bones and joints health, people from all age groups can suffer from arthritis.

What Exactly Is Arthritis?

It is a medical condition that causes pain and inflammation in your joints. It can happen on joints on any part of the body. It can cause severe pain and affect your physical functioning. People who have arthritis in their hand joints have to tolerate excruciating pain. Our hands are something we have to use on a daily basis, and when you have arthritis in your hand joints then it can have severe consequences. You will not be able to perform any task if your hands aren’t at 100% health.

How Can Physical Therapy Be Used to Treat Arthritis?

There are many ways that arthritis can be treated. Doctors would always suggest medication and then ask you to focus on physical therapy as well. Physical therapy is as important in the treatment of arthritis as the medication.

October is National Physical Therapy Month. It is a month where we celebrate the achievements and benefits of the field of physical therapy. We cannot talk about the treatment of arthritis without talking about physical therapy.  

Arthritis in any part of your body is painful; however as mentioned, arthritis in your hands can have very serious consequences. So arthritis in your hands and physical therapy go side by side. If you are looking to make your hand joints feel better, then you have to perform or get someone else to perform physical therapy on your hands. Arthritis pain can be very bad so it is imperative that you get it treated as soon as you can.

Hand and Physical Therapy: Tips to Performing Physical Therapy for Arthritis in Your Hands 

Physical therapy includes a range of different exercises that may be painful at the start but they can result in you feeling better about your joints. The inflammation will slowly go away but after a few physical sessions, you will start feeling the difference. In addition to the medication and exercises, you also need to apply certain pain-relieving gels on your joints. These gels and creams will not only help moisten your skin for a smooth and flawless therapy session but they will also help in relaxing your muscles and getting rid of any stiffness in your joints.

Boericke & Tafel has a range of natural and effective products such as Arniflora Arnica Gel that can help you get rid of the pain in your hand joints and make them work to their full potential. Always use such products from brands that are known to offer effective products. Boericke & Tafel is a great brand that is known to offer natural and homeopathic products for supporting the treatment of arthritis. 

If you don’t know which exercises, you should do as part of your physical therapy session then try to take help from a professional. Don’t become your physical therapist if you don’t have the required knowledge as that might only make things worse.