To advance in most careers these days you need to be creative and able to think outside of the box, but this is easier said than done. As children, we freely use our imagination and our creativity, but as we mature we are often asked to leave our imagination behind in order to perform in the “real world.” So how do you get back that personal creativity as an adult? Here are some innovation exercises that will help you increase your personal creativity.

5 Innovation Exercises to Boost Brain Power and Creativity

Try Looking at Things from a New Perspective

Over time, it becomes ingrained in us to look at things from one given perspective; however, learning to look at things from a different perspective may help us to see things in a different light and spur creativity. For example, if you normally view that tree in your backyard from a distance, why not sit under its branches and look up. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and touch its leaves and branches, “seeing” it not through your eyes but through your sense of touch or smell. This will help you to see the tree more creatively than by simply gazing at it from afar.

Give a Project New Limitations

While we often see the setting of limitations as a hindrance to creativity, they can actually free us to be more creative. For example, when making chicken soup, you probably use the same ingredients every time. This time when making your chicken soup, limit yourself to only three of your usual ingredients – forcing yourself to come up with new ways to make the soup flavorful. This will force you to get your creative juices flowing.

Make a Sculpture from Reclaimed Items

One good of the best innovation exercises to increase your personal creativity is to pull various items from the trash (or your attic or garage) and make a sculpture using all the items found. The re-purposing of items can help you think outside of the box and start you on the road to increasing your creativity.

Play the Fortunately/Unfortunately Game

This game is great to play with your kids or even adults and encourages you to really let your imagination flow. One person starts with a simple sentence such as “I got a new cat last week.” Then the next person continues the story with something that is unfortunate such as “Unfortunately, I am allergic to its fur.” Then you or someone else makes a statement such as “Fortunately, once I shaved all of its fur off, I quit sneezing.” The story goes on and on, getting wilder each statement until the poor cat ends up with a sunburn, enters a pet hospital where it is accidentally treated for some exotic disease, and ends up getting revenge in one way or another.

Supplements that Support Brain Health

However, in some cases even the best innovation exercises may not be enough to help improve your creativity. In those cases, supporting your brain health may help improve your mental abilities.

Try taking supplements of Ginkgo biloba, since this herb is well known for improving mental sharpness, focus, and clarity. You can find natural Ginkgo biloba supplements from such brands as NOW Foods and Standard Process.

Combining the right supplements with some great innovation exercises will help you to increase your personal creativity to the levels that you want. What innovation exercises will you try next?