Everyone wants smooth, shiny, and vibrant skin. But unfortunately, not everyone is privileged to have it. Various methods have been used to give this result and one of the popular methods is the manual use of exfoliating gloves. This trend has been acceptably used by many. It’s a very convenient and easy way to fix dry and even oily skin. It is a coarse-textured glove that could be worn by anyone for convenient use. The following about exfoliating gloves shall be considered:

  • Benefits of using exfoliating gloves
  • Cons of using exfoliating gloves
  • How to use exfoliating gloves
  • How often you should use an exfoliating glove.

Benefits of using exfoliating gloves:

Exfoliating gloves work by getting rid of the dead skin cells on your skin. The skin naturally sheds and most times, the dead cells stay on the skin and could even clog your pores. Using exfoliating gloves could help scrub out the dead cells away thereby allowing products to penetrate the skin. With consistent use, it can also increase the production of collagen leading to clearer and smoother skin and improving the overall look of your skin. It could also reduce the appearance of acne and acne scars and give a move even skin tone. 

Cons of using exfoliating gloves:

Just like with everything else, there are cons to using exfoliating gloves and things to consider before using them for skin cleansing. 

Exfoliating gloves should not be used on skin with cuts or injuries. The job of the glove is to remove dead skin cells and due to its rough surface, some dead cells could still be stuck on it. Letting this dead cell get in the wound could result in an infection, so it’s best to avoid it in places you have a cut or wound. 

How to use exfoliating gloves:

Exfoliating gloves are like a sponge but shaped into a glove in which the hands go through. It’s meant to be used with soap or better still, a cleanser. You can try out the Miessence garnet exfoliate face cleanser. It contains organic lemon, bergamot, and orange. It also contains aloe vera and some essential oil which are perfect for your skin and well nourishing to give your skin a vibrant glow. Simply put on the gloves then apply the cleanser to the gloves and scrub your skin with it like with your bare hands.  After done, rinse skin and go in with a serum or better still, humectant oil which will attract moisture from the air to your skin, thereby leaving your skin moisturized for longer.

How often should you use an exfoliating glove?:

How often you should use exfoliating gloves falls back to your type of skin. Someone with dry skin would not benefit from using it too often as it could lead to skin irritation eventually. Its use should be limited to once or twice a week. 

For someone who has oily skin, he/she could afford to use it daily.


There are so many benefits from using an exfoliating glove and cleanser on your skin. When correctly used consistently, it doesn’t only give the desired look you are searching but it is also safe for your skin. It’s also very convenient and easy to use. Why don’t you try out one of these gloves one day and see how effective it could be.