In this era of growing technology, social media plays a significant role when it comes to networking. Unlike the traditional practices, social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are heavily relied on when it comes to networking. Now these sites are even used to look for the new talent as recruiters use it as a recruitment tool to fill in new positions at their workplaces. Social networking plays an important role in getting to know new people and building strong public relations.

In this article we will cover the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Networking and how you can make the most of it.

The Do’s:

Do Maintain a Proper Profile

Usually people fail to maintain a proper profile on their social media accounts, because they seem to think it is not that important. Wrong! In order to network socially, it is crucial that you have a small but complete and updated profile so that people do not consider you fake or a scam.

Do Add Value

One of the best ways to maintain an online presence that is unique and different is by being visible and by adding value. It is important to get to know people by joining different and authentic groups and other forums. And that’s not it; to stand out and to properly network, you have to be visible amongst all by staying active.

Do Be Vigilant and Choosy

One of the greatest pieces of advice on using social networking is to always be selective when it comes to sharing things online. Always be very careful when deciding which platform to post the information on and which information to post. One of the best things you can do is always refrain from posting information that is too personal. One should add that information on his or her social media site, which showcases his or her skill or area of expertise or strengths.

Do Maintain Your Online Brand

So, if you have an online presence, that means you have a brand. Everything that you post online will connect as a part of your brand. So, one should always keep this in mind and post and share content according to how he or she wants people to perceive his or her brand image.

The Dont’s

Do Not Post Inappropriate Content

If you use foul language or share inappropriate pictures and content, it will immediately put everyone off, and you will hardly find people to network with. For social networking it is important to have a profile which speaks greatly on behalf of you.

Do Not Forget to Update

On social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, we usually forget to update information. As we have established earlier, your online presence is basically your brand. You need to give it time, and update it frequently, as it won’t be updating itself on its own.

Do Not Forget to Proofread Your Content

Just like your resume, do not forget to proofread the content you share on social media. It is important that whatever you write online is error free, or it leaves a very bad impression on others.