list of openflow software projects

List of OpenFlow Software Projects

On a lark, I compiled a list of “open” OpenFlow software projects that I knew about off-hand, or could find with minimal effort searching online.

You can find the list here.

Unsurprisingly, most of the projects either come directly from or originated at academia or industry research.  As I’ve argued before, with respect to standardization, the more design and insight that comes from real code and plugging real holes, the better.  And it is still very, very early days in the SDN engineering cycle.   So, it is nice to see the diversity in projects and I hope the ecosystem continues to broaden with more controllers and associated projects entering the fray.

If you know of a project that I’ve missed (I’m only listing those that have code or bits available for free online — with the exception of Pica8 which will send you code on request) please mention it in the comments or e-mail me and I’ll add it to the list.

12 Comments on “List of OpenFlow Software Projects”

  1. shreya pandita says:


    There is network simulator NS3 which uses python and C++ bindings . It has openflow support built in to emulate an openflow environment and also it can be used for real-time simulations.

  2. Brandon Heller says:

    How about some love for Mininet? While not specific to OpenFlow, most users use it for SDN:

  3. Ken Y. says:

    The topology switching project ( also leverages OF to look at issues in DC networks.

    Also, really enjoy reading through the blog. Good stuff!

  4. Brian M says:


    I recently found a C based openflow controller called Mul – which looked pretty good too.

  5. The netvirt Project is dealing with Network virtualisation. They have Vswitch ober a 100 Gbps switch based on NP4 ezchip.


  6. Colin Scott says:

    Hey Martin,

    Check out our tool for troubleshooting SDN control software:

    It’s useful for pruning logs. as well as automatically generating integration tests.



  7. bjlee72 says:

    There’s another Openflow-based controller project:



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