Obtaining a business degree does not guarantee you a job in these tough economic times. It is no guarantee that you will be able to obtain or maintain a job in the career of your choice. If you want to have a career in business, you need to develop some essential job skills. Here is a look at some of the essential job skills you need if you want to advance your business degree.

6 Necessary Skills to Advance Your Business Degree


Many people don’t consider networking an essential job skill, but it actually is one of the most important skills you need if you want to get a good job and advance in your career. Like other skills, networking is a learned skill. By becoming skilled at networking, you open yourself to a lot of available information and assistance in moving forward in the career of your choice.

Computer Skills

In today’s world of business, you need to have at least basic computer skills. You need to become familiar with word processing programs and spreadsheets, as well as powerpoint presentations and other types of computer programs necessary to perform business basic tasks associated with your business.

Communication Skills

In order to advance your business degree, you also need to develop excellent communication skills. In business, you need to be able to communicate with both superiors and coworkers. Part of having effective communication skills is being able to listen. Keep in mind that you need to be able to work with different people who may have different communication styles, and you need to be able convey information in a manner that they can hear and understand.

Organizational Skills

If you are looking to advance your business degree, then it is essential that you develop and fine-tune your organizational skills. In business, you need to be well organized in order to be productive, and supervisors look for productivity when it comes to promoting from within. Becoming skilled at organized jobs in order of importance as well as organizing your time to improve your productivity will help you to be successful in your career.

Problem Solving

In business, problem solving skills are extremely important, you need to be able to apply critical thinking and handle issues as they come up. Creative problem solving skills come in handy in businesses where you need to find more efficient ways of doing things. Knowing how to look at tasks and be able to come up with effective ways to complete those projects in a timely way is something that business managers and employers look for in someone they hire and promote.

Project Management

If you really want to advance your business degree, then you are going to develop project management skills. Being able to plan a project, motivate a team, and keep everyone on task is essential in moving forward in your career.

Developing these essential job skills will help you to advance your business degree to get the job you really want and to move forward in your career.