Do you have a few people at work that you can trust?

Having friends at work is more important than you think. Research suggests that being part of a close group in the workplace leads to higher levels of employee productivity, motivation, and loyalty towards the organization. 

But what if you are an introvert, or are simply having trouble trying to fit into the new workplace? The good news is that there are always ways that you that make friends at work. If you think fitting in at work is far too difficult for you, we recommend trying the following tips. 

1. Listen Closely. 

The first step towards making friends at work is being a great listener. There is always an unspoken office culture being followed – whether that’s certain inside jokes, bringing cakes for birthdays, methods of greeting, or even nicknames for certain people. You should also carefully observe how everybody communicates with one another. Do they prefer emails, or do they have a group chat? By listening closely, you become better aware of how things work around the office and you can easily start fitting into place. 

2. Greet Everybody.

An easy way to make friends at work is simply by saying good morning with a smile early in the day. Whenever you walk around the office, take some time to greet everybody or even pass some compliments around. This is a great way to make new friends at work, since people are likely to consider you as a cheerful and pleasant coworker due to the constant greetings.

3. Make Yourself of Use

Do you hear somebody having trouble with the printer, or is your coworker just craving for a blueberry muffin today? It is always the little gestures that make the biggest impressions. By being helpful and considerate towards your coworkers, you could start making friends in no time. 

4. Make Conversation. 

This may come as an obvious tip, but you would be surprised to know how many offices just seem dead quiet nowadays. In the age of technology, people have generally stopped engaging with one another – especially when it comes to personal conversations. So, the next time you meet with some coworkers in the break room, ask them about their hobbies, what they like to do after work, or even what qualifications they have. You are likely to find something in common – which is how you can eventually become friends with coworkers. 

5. Spread Appreciation.

Most workplaces are very competitive, and people hate to compliment one another on doing a good job. This toxic behavior is what strains the relationships between coworkers – thus making friendships almost impossible. If you want to fit into a workplace immediately, you should consider recognizing the efforts of others. Has a coworker recently achieved a big goal for the organization, or has somebody finally gotten the printer to work? Regardless of how big or small the achievement, it may be a good idea to start appreciating coworkers in order to create friendships.