When most people hear the phrase “job networking,” they think of those white collar career type jobs that may eventually lead to someone becoming a CEO or owner of a big company. However, whether you are looking for a job in a top 500 company, or simply looking for a job with a construction company, as a cook, or as a teacher here are some helpful tips on how to network for a job.

How to Network for a Job in 6 Easy Steps

Build a Network Before Your Actually Need One

The minute you decide on the type of job that you really like, you should start building a network of people who can offer advice, let you know about job openings, and will spread the word when you are ready to start the job of your choice. Build your network of people in the trade or business you are interested in, related businesses, and people who have influence in the community, as well as people with whom you may share other interests.

Maintain Your Network

Once you have a network in place, begin maintaining your network. Call or email the people regularly just to ask how they are doing, ask about their families, send them news clippings or links to articles they may be interested in, and share tid-bits about your progress.

Attend Professional Events

Attend workshops, lectures, and conferences in whatever field you are interested in. Not only will gain new information to help you become better at your job, but you will also meet new people in the field and have a chance to ask them questions and make an impression.

Consult with Recruiters

Recruitment agents can directly connect you to new job opportunities before they have been advertised. These agencies are there to recruit people for their clients, so consulting with these agencies will put your name and credentials out there.


Another step in learning how to network for a job in to volunteer in your community. Volunteers come from a variety of businesses and jobs, and these people know people in other careers or jobs – so not only are you helping someone by volunteering you can also make some important connections that will get to know you on a personal basis and people tend to recommend people they like for jobs.

Use Social Media

Don’t forget to use social media – especially LinkedIn, which is used by professionals such as employers and job seekers. If you are already active on social media, you already know it works for job networking, especially if you are part of a group that is dedicated to the type of job you are looking for. Letting your friends, family, and professional group know on social media when you are looking for a job can provide you with some great results. Spreading the word among both your professional and social networks will give you the best chance of finding a job that you want.

While these 6 tips on how to network for a job will certainly help you find that job you are looking for. Good luck!