Whether required to speak to the public occasionally, or more or less a regular basis, most people suffer from nerves, which ends up with their saliva drying up, and many speakers stating that they experience severe dry throat that “feels like a hairball in my throat.” 

Speaking around this hairball feeling can be difficult. In other cases, colds and allergies can result in sore dry throats that makes it difficult to talk, which can affect teachers and other professionals who need to do a lot of public speaking during the course of any day. This makes it essential that people who need to speak in public find something that will help to prevent that dry throat due to public speaking.

What to Do if It Feels Like a Hairball in My Throat

Learn Some Relaxation Techniques

If you are one of those people who gets nervous speaking in public and complains that it  “feels like a hairball in my throat,” then learning some relaxation techniques that you can use just minutes before getting up in public and speaking may help calm your nerves and ease or prevent that dry feeling in your throat.

Make Sure You Are Well Hydrated

Any time that you need to speak in public make sure that you are well hydrated. This is especially important if you have a cold since colds tend to dehydrate you. Dehydration can dry up your saliva and make you think that your throat “feels like a hairball.”

Drinking enough glasses of water in the day or two before you need to speak in public will help you to prevent the dry throat that occurs whenever you have to speak in public.

Use a Liquid, Spray or Candy that Eases That Dry Throat

Another thing that you can do to overcome a dry throat is find a great product that is especially designed to relieve dry throats that you can use just before getting up to speak. Two companies that offer all natural dry throat treatments are Herb Pharm, a real herb farm that grows many of the herbs they use in their health protects, and MediNatura, which offers a natural candy made from Manuka honey and lemon that soothes dry and sore throats.

When using a dry throat liquid, spray, or candy make sure that you take one of these treatments just before speaking so that you can have the full benefit of the soothing effects of these products.


Practicing your speech can also help you to feel less nervous when speaking in public, which can help prevent that dry throat feeling. Also remembering that your audience likely wants to hear what you have to say can help relieve the nerves that can lead to that dry throat when speaking in public.

Trying a combination of these prevention methods is likely to ease that “feels like a hairball in my throat” feeling and make it easier for you get through a public speaking occasion.