Looking for a job these days is no easy task, which is why many job seekers are using social media networking to help them find jobs that they want to be based on their education, interests, and which companies looking to hire.

According to recent findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of all jobs are found through social media with 92% of companies using social media sometime during the hiring process to find eligible candidates that fit in with their company mission and goals, or to weed out candidates whose personal views or actions will reflect badly on the company should they be hired.

How Various Social Media Sites Can Help Job Seekers

There are a variety of social media sites that can help teach job seekers how to network for a job and step up in the career of their choice. Here is a look at how some of the various social media sites can help job seekers.

LinkedIn: Recruiters use LinkedIn to look for candidates to fill positions in their company. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, you won’t come up in searches. In addition, LinkedIn allows job seekers an opportunity to research companies, recruiters, and interviewers before they send in their job applications and resumes.

Facebook: Not only do companies post job listings on Facebook, but those active on this site can use their friends in order to network and find other job opportunities and even send recommendations on their behalf.

Instagram: Instagram allows job seekers to demonstrate their social media skills and research companies they most want to look for.

Twitter: Twitter can be used to promote their professional brand and talk directly with recruiters and hiring managers without sending in a resume. This gives you the opportunity to establish communication and discover exactly what they are looking for in the way of new hires.

YouTube: Allows you to include videos samples of your work and allows you to make a physical impression on potential employers.

What Companies Use Social Media to Determine

Potential employers use social media when hiring people to work for their company. They are looking for well-rounded employees and use social media for a way to screen potential job applicants evaluating their character and personality. Companies not only look at your professional information, but they also spend time looking at the personal information you reveal on these sites as well.

Remember Social Media Can Hurt as Well as Help Your Job Aspirations

Employers have also used social media to weed out candidates that do not represent their company’s mission, message or reputation. Some ways that social media can hurt you getting the job you want is if:

  • You use profane language or make inappropriate comments that would reflect poorly on a company or may affect your ability to do a job.
  • Posting inappropriate photos of yourself or others
  • Engaging in unseemly behavior
  • Making fun of any group of people.

Employers want to hire people who conduct themselves professionally in the private as well as business life.

So keep in mind that if used correctly at all times social media can be extremely useful as a networking tool for job seekers.