We all know LinkedIn has been available since the year 2002. It is popularly known as a place where professionals in every and any aspect of life can be found. People these days wonder if joining this social media platform is still important. If you don’t make use of LinkedIn properly, your messages, resumes, and all other activities on the website could take lots of hours, and it could waste important time you could use to be productive in other ways.

Do You Need a LinkedIn Profile for Your Career?

The simple answer to this question is “yes.” Even if you don’t make use of it often or at all, it’ll be nice to simply create the account. It doesn’t take anything but time to create this. You can then make an appointment on your calendar to check the site every 6 months or so. Whenever you have anything to add, you can do so. Make sure you add in huge accomplishments over your career span. Also from these scheduled checks of your profile, you should change your current job listing on LinkedIn whenever you have an occupational switch. 

Hiring managers and recruiters make use of LinkedIn to look for a job candidate. If you don’t have an online presence, you won’t come up when these HR people are looking for people like you to work for them. Having an account on LinkedIn also means you can simply search for interviewers, hiring managers, research companies, recruiters, and other hiring firms. It is a two-way win. These are important and helpful before you submit your applications and go for interviews you know.

Just having a profile on LinkedIn is an essential idea. You might not presently be looking for a job. You can use this social media platform to connect former and current working colleagues, and you can link people you know to meet at conferences, events, and a lot more places. You can also engage more with this social media platform when you join LinkedIn groups.

Why are the Benefits of a LinkedIn Account?

More companies have job applications online. This is more common than used to. When you see a LinkedIn section from the upload tool for your resume, you can put your LinkedIn profile thereafter on your CV. If you craft it properly, you have a huge advantage, because you could be hired as soon as possible. A lot of people could be viewing your resume and your LinkedIn profile too.

LinkedIn is a fast, easy, and simple way to maintain lots of connections that could help your career. The person you saw at a conference about five years ago could end up helping you work at the company of your dreams. That colleague from your former job could know a hiring manager that you’ve been looking for ways to talk to.

So LinkedIn helps people in more ways than one. You could join this platform and not stress yourself about it. It helps you in ways you can’t imagine. So, yes, LinkedIn is still relevant to your career.