June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. And with 50 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia worldwide, this sadly common brain health condition is one of the biggest health problems in the world today.

All About Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disease. Although its cruel effects are not noticeable at first, doctors believe that brain degeneration begins around 20 years before symptoms first appear, possibly earlier. This means that although younger people may consider that Alzheimer’s only affects “old people” it is important to remember that this disease does not suddenly appear fully formed once you have hit senior age. Alzheimer’s can hit people in their early 50s in some cases, so what you do in your 20s and 30s will certainly have an impact on your long-term brain health.

Nobody fully understands the causes and risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease. There could be a genetic link to the condition, but growing evidence points towards dietary factors. Studies show that a diet rich in antioxidants, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and oily fish – such as the Mediterranean diet does have a neuroprotective effect.

However with the average American diet which is high in refined carbs, such as sugars as well as red meats and fat, it seems that we could be gambling with our long-term brain health.

Research suggests that making healthy food choices now will improve long-term brain health and cognitive abilities now and later. And although the benefits and effects of the Mediterranean diet require further research, improving antioxidants and brain health through diet is certainly a good idea for everyone regardless of age.

Supplements for Brain Health

Taking supplements to improve brain health can help protect against degenerative brain disorders and may help boost cognitive function. One brand that is leading the way in natural brain health supplements is Brain MD an American company which creates supplements that reflect current clinical studies.

One great Brain MD supplement is Brain and Body Power. This three in one supplement supports memory, cognitive ability and focus. High in antioxidant rich ingredients it also contains a blend of natural chemicals such as Phosphatydlserine and Huperzine A to improve mental functioning and focus. And with a powerful serving of omega 3 fish oils including DHA and EPA it provides natural brain nutrition which is sadly lacking from the Western diet.

Neurobiologix is another U.S. supplement brand that provides good quality brain health supplements. They provide a wide range of products but one that caught our eye is Memory Sustain.  This is formulated from botanicals and nutrients that address the multiple pathways that make up neurological health. Ingredients include amino acids Acetyl L Carnitine, minerals, and vitamins including B12 and natural herbal extracts such as Bacopa Monnieri and Ginkgo Biloba. These have undergone clinical studies and so far evidence is very positive for improving brain health.

Brain health is part of our overall health although many people forget that this part of the body requires nourishment and care just like the rest of the body. This means that eating to nourish your brain and taking brain health supplements will help lead the way to a better future.