On a good day, there are different people around. The way we converse with them and communicate is completely different. There are ways we talk to those we are older than us, those younger than we are, those we respect, those who lose our respect with time, and it goes on and on. This article aims to talk about the elements of effective communication.

Elements of Effective Communication

Elements of Effective Communication includes the following:

1. Listen

Whenever we converse with people and we say something, we are simply speaking knowledge we already possess. But whenever we listen to others, most times we get the chance to absorb and learn something new.

Speaking and listening work together. As you communicate with other people, these roles are completely fluid. The speaker might not be talking the entire time. One of these important elements of communication is for each of us as speakers to listen with attention.

2. Try to Be Clear

These elements of Simplicity and Clarity are also two beans in a pod. But these aspects cannot be used synonymously. What one means by clarity is that you shouldn’t have any doubt about what you’re talking about. Speaking with confidence and making sure what you’re saying is extremely simple and understanding. This is what is meant by simplicity: just try to be basic.

3. Have an Aim to be Basic

Make sure all you want to say is basic and simple. If you want to try to impress everyone with the way you speak, you are going to lose it and it’ll be difficult for you to communicate effectively. It’ll be pointless if you speak with lots of terms and jargon that the people you’re talking to would-be suffering to understand. 

4. Exude Confidence

If you’re scared and you’re acting unsure about what you’re talking about, it won’t be communicated effectively to the audience. There’s no doubt about this. You need to communicate confidently. This would make the information you’re giving out have complete meaning to your audience.

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5. Be Charismatic

Being charming and having this as a feature will help you as you communicate—like most of the world leaders these days. Take a look at Justin Trudeau for example. He is the Prime Minister of Canada, and his charisma says a lot about him. This helps him become eloquent verbally, and he communicates to his followers on an emotional level. This helps these leaders create a captivating and compelling vision. It also arouses strong emotions from their followers.

6. Consider your Environment

What environment refers to here is selecting the right time and place before you begin communicating with whoever your audience might be. Make sure your audience tries to be receptive because if they do not want to listen to anything you have to say, that’ll just be sad, and it’ll make the communication pattern single sided. This would end up making the entire conversation ineffective.