Social media is one of the most used sites all over the world used by most mobile users counting to hundreds of millions of users. It provides different services to its users. It can be used as a fun site to upload images and videos, as a means of communication, as a way to meet different people of different beliefs and cultures all over the world, to learn and explore new and different things, and also as a business place. You reading this article also includes you among the social media users and you’ll know that there is a lot to benefit from using these sites. Let’s consider some of the most popular social media sites and what you should know about them.

  • Facebook: This is one of the most popular social media sites used by over 350 million users. You get to be friends with other Facebook users. In this case, a friend request would be sent and it has to be accepted by the receiver. It is a platform where people mostly share images and videos of various content under various genres. You can always access your genre of interest by using the search icon shaped like a magnifying glass above your home page. You also get chances to upload your content too. Facebook also provides Business or fan pages where you can be followed by other Facebook users. You can also upload your content here. Promotions are also available where you pay a token to Facebook for your content to get to more audience of your chosen category. This is very suitable for growing businesses.   
  • Twitter: This is also a very popularly used site. This site allows users to be followed by other users. In this case, you can always choose to follow back or not. You also create a handle or the name that will be shown on your profile and which people can use to search for you. Similar to Facebook, you can also share images and videos with the public. You can also make your posts about whatever topic you choose and share or retweet other people’s content. It’s also a good site for business owners to advertise their businesses and get to more audience.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a very know site used a lot by contents creators. Instagram offers the chance to upload, images and short videos known as reels and also videos over one minute known as IGTV. Just like Twitter, you get followed by other users and choose to follow back or not. You can also share your uploads or other people’s uploads to your story. It’s also a good site for growing businesses. Your uploads can also be promoted to get to a larger audience. It’s also a fun site where you can get lots of fun posts and satisfying videos. 
  • WhatsApp: This is another popular site. WhatsApp limits its relationship with only people in your contact list. It’s mostly a site for chatting with other people in your contact. You can also upload pictures, videos, or texts to your status where only people who saved your contacts and whose contacts you saved can view. Voice calls and video calls options are also available. It will not be a good choice in terms of growing businesses. 
  • Youtube: this is a site for mostly videos. Videos are uploaded by YouTubers who create their videos content based on their genre. It’s a fun site with lots of varieties of videos to choose from. It can also be a learning site. You can subscribe to channels whose content to enjoy so you’ll get notified when a new video is uploaded on the channel. You can choose to join in the video content creation for YouTube. YouTube also offers YouTubers the chance to earn money by allowing ads in their videos. 


The social media platform offers unlimited choices in terms of fun and business. There are lots to do, learn and explore on social media platforms and of course, lots to gain.