A lot of people out there are interested in knowing what your handshake says about you. It is an implicit gesture that inadvertently starts a discussion at practically any gathering. This form of greeting is your first impression on the person you just shook hands with.

As indicated by an observation, everybody should give close consideration to their handshake. You might not know, but people are forming judgments and their opinions of you based on the handshake that you just initiated with them!

Different people initiate different types of handshakes. So, keep reading to find out different types of handshakes and what your handshake says about you.

Types of Handshakes and What Your Handshake Says About You

The Double Hander

A double hander is a type where the person uses his other hand to keep on the back of the hand of the person he is shaking hands with. This may indicate that the one initiating it is accepting the dominance of the other person, but wants to have a further discussion with him. It can also mean that the person doesn’t trust the person he is shaking hands with and keeping his second hand on the back of the opponent only for self-defense.

The Stagger Handshake

If your handshakes are taken as a light grace, chances are that you are being considered weak by other people. A limp handshake is a weak handshake that indicates to the other person that you are shaky or lack confidence. It can even tend to destroy your career because people at work will consider you weak and will not give you much importance. This is why you should try to alter this habit by trying to get a right grip on your handshake, as sometimes being gentle is not the right choice to make!

The Dominant Handshake

A dominant handshake is the one where the person initiating it will shake hands like a wrestler or a boxer. It is a form of an aggressive handshake and is incorporated by downwardly placing the palm. By placing the palm downward, the other person is forced to position his palm upward, which is a sign of submissiveness. So, the person initiating this handshake is letting the other person know that he is the ultimate boss, and he will have the last word.

The Lingerer Handshake

A lingerer handshake is the type of handshake that illustrates the absence of basic social skills. Holding onto a handshake for a time longer than normal would just make the other person uncomfortable and would also indicate that you do not follow any social norms set out by society.

The Submissive Handshake

Also known as an upward-facing palm handshake, this handshake indicates that the one initiating not confident enough and can be easily scared. By this handshake, you are giving signals to the other person that they are in control. This is why you need to work on your gesture if you carry out the submissive handshake.

Now that you have the basic idea of what your handshake says about you, you should definitely work on your gesture if it reflects any signs of weakness.