The holiday season is near. This means you will have to attend dinner parties. And, of course, conversations are the best way to have fun at most events.

When you interact with people at a dinner party, you can talk about various things. For example, you may want to discuss your hobbies, interests, and much more. 

However, there are some topics that you should avoid. Here are the worst topics to discuss at a dinner party.

  1. Controversial Jokes

During dinner parties, you are not banned from making jokes. However, you should avoid controversial topics at all costs. Humor is harmless and good only if it’s not very sarcastic.

Besides that, you may decide to joke about another person that is not at the event. Well, we suggest you do not. That is because the individual you’re talking to may know that person. Additionally, it is not good etiquette to talk behind someone’s back.

  1. Encouraging Someone To Eat Or Drink

Yes, we understand that at a dinner party eating is mainly the point. But of course, you should never tell someone to eat more. This is, of course, unless you’re the host. 

A person may have eaten less as per you, but for them, that may be enough. So don’t try to guilt or force them into having more out of courtesy. Additionally, never start a conversation to encourage someone to drink alcohol.

If a person is refraining or saying no to something, then that’s it. Whatever their reason may be, it does not concern you. Thus, encouraging them to have a drink is insensitive and can make them uncomfortable.

  1. Health Issues

Talking about health falls into a gray area. If you are having a meal with close people, it might be okay to discuss your health. This is especially true if you had a medical procedure done recently. Your friends may be wanting an update about your health out of concern.

However, at formal parties, it is best to avoid health issues. Most people don’t want to hear upsetting things at a fun event. Additionally, getting too technical can bore the person.

Moreover, talking about body fluids and much more can be unpleasing for many people. Health issue conversation can also ruin the appetite of some individuals. That is why you should leave this topic for some other day.

  1. Religion

This is a topic that you should avoid at all costs unless the event is for something religious. You may want to share opinions about religion. However, you can never know if the person you’re talking to is of the same faith or sensitive about it.

Besides that, you may be religious yourself and want to say a prayer before the meal. Well, we support that, and many hosts also do. However, you shouldn’t try to get others to do the same.

Bottom Line

These are the four worst topics to discuss at a dinner party. If you want to talk about them, do it at your own risk. In our experience, these topics don’t go well with most guests. That is why we avoid them, and so you should tread carefully.