Team collaboration has been an issue in the workplace for too long. Countless solutions have been proposed and tried. And here is a new idea. Can video game systems like PS5 be used for workplace team collaboration? The simple answer is yes. But how?

Video game systems have long had the option for multiplayer games. These also allow numerous people around the world to connect, create teams, and play against other teams. If you’re a true gamer, you would know how this works. However, what does this mean for offices? Video game systems like the PS5 have many features that can enable workplace team collaboration. Here are some of the ways this is encouraged.

3 Ways PS5 Will be Used for Workplace Team Collaboration

Delegation of Tasks

The option to play as teams helps develop skills in employees that contribute to the workplace. The more you work in a team, the better you adapt to it. In video game systems like PS5, you can choose your own game, which means having a story you like. This can engage the employees in multiple ways, but most importantly divide the tasks.

Playing as a team in a video game would not only mean a mental break from work, but would also help identify what your strength is. These strengths can determine which team member would do what task better. Ultimately, it may build better collaboration.

Increases a Sense of Responsibility

When in a team during a game on PS5, there is active communication taking place. With active communication, every team player needs to take responsibility. This is effective collaboration. Once you take up the responsibility, you’re supposed to carry it.

Similarly, if tools like PS5 are used in the workplace and employees do take advantage of it, there will be a sense of ownership with their tasks and their teams.

Encourages Collaborative Decision Making

Many times after the game, employees might build a rapport within the workplace. This would promote teamwork and team building. Plus, collaboration during the game would encourage quick and firm decision making. This will help the employees analyse how they can make decisions quickly with the support of others.

Because everyone is on the same page on the game, it helps everyone understand the reasoning behind the decision. So, in the workplace, a similar occurrence takes place as the decision making becomes collaborative. Everyone will be better able to understand each other’s point of view. And what’s more? They can easily shift perspectives and look at things from a new angle.

All these pros are very effective in workplace team collaboration. Video game systems like PS5 can give your workers a break. It will help them form connections that would last further than just their job requirements. Encouraging conversation, it will open up many avenues and help them understand and work with each other better. 

It is time that new technology is incorporated in the workplaces to shift them to a better dialogue. Most collaboration tools often become redundant and boring to use. Collaborations always need new outlets to encourage working together. Video game systems like PS5 can be fun options.