People suffering from severe neck pain who want to reduce their reliance on pain medications often turn to TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)  treatments to relieve the pain, reducing their dependence on prescription medications to get the pain relief they so badly need. TENS uses electrodes for neck pain or back pain, and while some people swear by such treatments, others find themselves wondering whether or not TENS really work to relieve pain. Keep reading to learn more about these electrodes for neck pain.

Why Try Electrodes for Neck Pain

A TENS treatment consists of electrodes for neck pain and other bodily pains through electrical stimulation therapy. Found in physical therapy and pain clinics, TENS uses electrodes placed on the skin around a painful or injured area with a small electrical charge running through the device to temporarily reduce pain.

The use of electrodes for pain is believed to reduce pain by using electrical impulses to flood the nervous system and reduce the nerves’ ability to transmit pain signals to the brain, while at the same time producing the body’s natural pain relievers called endorphins. While some studies suggest that this type of therapy does work, other studies are not so sure.

However, such treatments are worth a try because they are non-invasive, and many people find temporary relief using electrodes for neck pain. There are even small TENS units patients can buy and use on their own after being shown how to correctly use one by your physician or therapist.

Keep in mind that although electrical stimulation can be used for neck pain, you should never place electrodes on the front of your neck. However, there are some people who cannot use any type of electrical stimulation for pain and these people include:

  • Women who may be pregnant
  • People who suffer from epilepsy
  • Those with heart problems
  • People with any electrical or metal implant

People who suffer from chronic pain should not use electrodes for their neck pain and must find other means of temporary relief without the use of using prescription drugs. These people often choose supplements in order to reduce the need for prescription pain medications and still get temporary relief from their pain.

Supplements Containing Curcumin for Natural Pain Relief

Many people turn to pain relief supplements made from curcumin, which is a natural chemical found in turmeric root, and has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and ease pain naturally. There are a number of supplements containing curcumin. Here are a few of our favorites.


The CuraMed curcumin supplement by Terry Naturally is easily absorbed by the body, which means that it has the ability to provide you with faster pain relief than many other curcumin supplements on today’s market. The brand also has a number of other different curcumin products for pain relief, including extra strength curcumin powders, tablets, and capsules.

Arniflora Arnica Gel

Arniflora Arnica Gel by Boericke & Tafel brand is a natural topical pain medication made with curcumin.

If you are unable to use electrodes for neck pain, then one of these brands of pain reliever supplements may help to relieve your neck pain. You may also want to try innovations in CBD and hemp, as many new products are designed to naturally help relieve pain as well.