Video conferencing is the best way to communicate with others if you are working remotely or you are a part of a global team. However, now it has become a basic necessity. We have all heard of Zoom, and this year, it has become very popular.

We see people celebrating birthdays and having cocktail parties on Zoom now. People now consider Zoom parties to be the most convenient and safe way of staying in touch with one another. It has become the new norm of networking online. However, creating Zoom parties requires a bit of learning, especially if this is your first time hosting a virtual party.

How to Set Up a Zoom Party

In this article we will talk about the steps to set up a Zoom party, especially for those who have not yet discovered how to do so.

First things first, use a laptop. Zoom has a mobile application too, but attending a virtual zoom party can be hard as you will have to keep holding the phone, which will soon become draining. Other than that, attending a Zoom party on a laptop is a lot more fun, you can see all the faces and eat and enjoy yourself.

Now, for you to create a Zoom party, all you have to do is download Zoom. Once you have done that, you will have an option of signing in. Zoom is completely free, and does not charge anything for signing in, so you can do it easily.

For signing in, you can either use your email address or sign in with Google or your Facebook account.

Now in order to host a Zoom party, once you have signed in, click on New Meeting. This will allow you to instantly create a meeting. Once you have done that, you will see a Meeting Id. You can send this meeting ID to everyone you want to invite to the party.

How to Make a Networking Invite to a Zoom Party

Now, once you have created a Zoom party, then comes the part of inviting your friends, family and colleagues to network with. When it comes to a network invite, Evite lets you invite people to the virtual meeting in a pleasant way.

All you have to do is visit Evite’s website. You can choose to sign in or not, that’s your own choice. Now in order to send network invites, you can choose a template you like. There are free, premium, and paid templates available to cater everyone. You can find all kinds of invites, for example for a happy hour virtual party, for graduation ceremony, or for a cocktail party, etc.

Once you have decided which invite to go for, tap on it. Fill in the details like, what is the name of the event, where is it taking place for instance on Zoom. Include who is it hosted by, what is the date, and day of the event, etc.

Furthermore, you will see an option of a virtual event, so check that box. Moving forward, you will see an empty box where you can enter the link of your Zoom party. You can also add a personal message in the end too, and voila! You have created an online networking event invitation (evite) for a Zoom party.