Amazon, the company that formerly started as an online book store, has become one of the most influential companies around the globe. Over the last decade, the company has managed to expand its dealership by stepping into different sectors. Today, Amazon is recognized, as one of the leading e-commerce stores that have outshined Walmart, thus taking away its title as Americas most valued retailer. From creating a mega e-market to boosting digital streaming and AI, it has positioned itself as one of the most prominent profit-making megacorps, followed by Facebook and Google.

The speedy delivery system and product credibility are two factors that have won amazon roughly around hundred million followers universally. With the advancement in technology and high availability of online marketplaces, people find it convenient to order stuff online than buying it physically. In this case, Amazon has become the most preferred and trusted e-commerce site among the masses.

How to Find My Reviews on Amazon?

To have full access on the website, like any other user you must have created an Amazon account to make your purchases. Also, upon quick package delivery and blue ribbon product quality, it is a common practice to do the five-star rating. Most people also share their concerns and ideas or any other note of improvement on the website. Since the website is catering millions, therefore it is quite hard to find your product review in the never-ending customer review section.

The reviews are not posted immediately on the site. It takes approximately 72 hours to appear online once it is assured that they do not violate any of the company’s policy. “How to find my reviews on amazon?” is one of the most searched queries you’ll come across on Google.

To free yourself from this dilemma, you need to follow these steps to search your elusive Amazon reviews:

Step 1:

The first and foremost step is to turn on your laptop and enter on the search engine bar. Once the site appears on your screen, log in your Amazon account.

Step 2:

Once you have logged in to your account, you will notice a grey coloured ribbon at the top of the screen. Right next to the search bar, at the right side corner, you will notice “Accounts & Lists”. Click it.

Step 3:

Once the selected page opens up, you will notice different categories in the form of a list. Right below the “ordering and shipping preferences” click on “your amazon profile”.

Step 4:

After selecting “your amazon profile” scroll vertically towards the section of “community activity”. In this section there is an option called “view all activity”, click the down arrow symbol present next to it.

Step 5:

Upon clicking the down arrow, an options bar pops up. Select “reviews”. Once you have selected the review option, all the reviews that you have written will show up in the “community activity”.

Once you start skimming through your reviews, you may come across comments that seem irrelevant. You can always delete or edit them by clicking the three dots present at the start of each review.

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