Once your Mac computer gets connected to a source of wifi and the password has been saved, its unique features enable it to automatically reconnects once in range with the wifi network.. At first, this might be okay not until for some reason, you don’t want it to be connected anymore.

Sometimes, when there are various networks in range that had been previously connected and saved to your Mac, it becomes difficult for your system to choose which one to connect to as they are all saved and could easily be connected. In situations like this, you may want to connect to one particular network but it probably connects to the wrong one. In this scenario, you would want to disconnect with the unwanted wifi network, and to do that means you would need to forget the wifi.

There are other various reasons why you may need to forget your wifi network. Probably you’ve got lots of already connected networks and you would like to reduce them or you no longer really use the network anymore and don’t want it always connected or you probably have more than one wifi and would no longer want to use one but the other so it can easily connect with the wifi you want to use and doesn’t connect with the wifi you don’t want to use anymore once in range. Whatever reason it could be, you don’t want this device automatically connected and want to forget it. It’s an easy process. The following steps are broken down into simple forms to help you understand how to achieve this. 

Step 1:

Go to your Apple menu bar at the top of your system and click on the wifi icon.

Step 2:

Tap on “open system preferences”.

Step 3:

Click on “network”

Step 4:

On the list on the left, select “wifi”

Step 5:

Tap the advanced bottom

Step 6:

The list of networks you’ve connected to would be shown. Tap on the network you want to forget. To forget more than one network, hold down the “command’ key while you click on the other networks. 

Step 7: 

Click on the minus sign or remove botton under the list and confirm if asked to

Step 8: 

Click “ok”

Step 9:

Click “apply”


Forgetting a network means that its wifi network would be disconnected from Mac. Your Mac is designed with a special feature to automatically connect with previously connected networks which in turn makes wifi usage easy. But there may be cases or situations when these networks automatically connecting becomes a burden and you need to forget these networks. This can also be very useful especially when you want to change your wifi password too. It may seem a bit complicated at first but it really isn’t. The process is really quite easy as broken down above.  Hope this article was able to help you forget or disconnect the wifi networks you want to forget or disconnect.