Arthritis is one of the most common conditions faced by office workers. It can be mild or severe. Sometimes the pain can be unmanageable too. Besides that, it can affect you permanently.

If you work on computers every day, you are more likely to suffer from arthritis. But worry no more. Here are some measures that you can take to prevent arthritis from computer usage.

Maintain Movement

Does your job require you to sit in front of a computer all day? If so, then you need to consider taking breaks in between. That is because sitting in one position can stiffen your muscles. By moving around, you can release tension.

Besides that, you should also take small breaks when performing a repetitive task. For example, if you type consistently for long periods, stop in between. And for at least five minutes, ensure that your hands are at rest.

Keep Your Feet In Good Position

If you work on a high desk, then it’s most likely your feet won’t be touching the ground. That is something you need to avoid because it can stress your lower back. As a result, the risk of arthritis development will increase.

One way to ensure good feet position is by choosing a desk of lower height. If that is not possible, consider buying an adjustable footrest. It will provide you the support you need to sit in a neutral position.

Fix Your Monitor Height

Wrong height is one of the reasons why computer usage can result in arthritis. To avoid arthritis in the neck, you must maintain a neutral posture. You also need to ensure that your eye level is perpendicular to the screen.

If you bend your neck to see the monitor, you must stop. One way you can do this is by adjusting your chair height. Or you can use a platform to raise the monitor height to eye level.

Avoid Using A Mouse

A mouse is a leading reason behind wrist pain caused by arthritis. That is because you have to grip it tightly. Hence, your hand cannot stay in a vertical position when using a mouse.

To limit mouse usage, you should consider using a laptop as it has a pad. You can also opt for an ergonomic mouse. They are specifically made to prevent arthritis and has a platform to rest your hand correctly.

Treat All Muscle And Joint Pains Immediately

Whenever you feel any pain due to computer usage, you should always treat it promptly. If not, then arthritis can develop more quickly and easily. You should use effective products to get rid of them.

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Final Words

That was everything you needed to know on how to prevent arthritis from computer usage. There are many other tips that you can follow too. If you take all the preventative measures, you are unlikely to suffer from arthritis pain.