These are the general steps you should typically use to transfer data from your SD card to your phone, or you could check your user manual for the particular phone’s specific steps. This is because different phones have different ways of moving their data from the SD card to the phone.

Android Phones: How to Transfer Data from SD Card to Phone

HTC Android

For a normal HTC Android, to transfer your data from your SD card to your phone, you should connect the USB to the device than to a computer. Make sure you use the USB that came with the HTC for the fastest results. Open a folder and view the files and then click OK. Get the data you want to move, cut, copy or paste the data you need from the SD card to the internal storage of the phone. From here you tap disconnect from the PC. And you enjoy your files.

LG Android

For LG Android, you tap on the file manager, go to all files, tap SD card, find the folder you want to move to your internal memory, tap the manage files icon (the down arrow) then check the box, tap the internal storage, find the folder you want to paste it in, then tap move. And you’re done.

Samsung Android

For a Samsung Android, from any part of the home screen, tap Apps, then touch my files, then tap device storage. Get into the SD card storage and find the files you want to move, then tap More and then tap Edit. Mark the particular files you desire to move. Tap More and then tap Move, tap internal memory, and then copy the file and paste it in the internal storage.


For a Blackberry, go to the home screen, scroll and select all. Then scroll to and select the media, use the menu key and then scroll go and select explore. From there you should select media card, find the file data you want to copy, press the menu key scroll to and select paste.


For a normal Android device, you need to have a usual Android file transfer, and it needs to be installed on your computer. This is usually compatible with the Mac OS X 10.5 or later and from the Android version 3.0 if higher. When you install this you can now use any type of laptop go transfer data from your SD card to the internal storage of your phone.

Windows Phone

For normal Windows phone, the procedures that it requires include if the device supports an SD card. The windows phone has to support the SD card and you’ll need a computer to send your files from the SD card to the internal storage of the windows phone.

Apple iPhone

For an iPhone, you need to use an application like Xender to transfer files from the SD card to the internal storage. It would make things easier too.