With so many new apps springing up constantly, some very useful apps tend not to get the attention they deserve and become undercover apps that are used by a very few who happen to discover them and their usefulness. Here are some undercover apps you’ve probably never heard of until now, but may be worth learning a little more about.

4 Weirdly Helpful Undercover Apps


Vayable is an app that allows you to enhance your travel or vacation experiences. This app is great for anyone visiting an unfamiliar area who wants to experience the area in a way only locals can. This app allows you to contact a local resident that will allow you to see sights or share experiences that are not listed in vacation brochures, such as having someone take you around to see the best street are in San Francisco and maybe even get to watch some local street artists at work.


Another great little known app for people who travel is Rover. If you have a dog and need to leave him behind when you travel for business or even vacation and don’t like the idea of placing your beloved pet into a cold unfeeling kennel, then Rover may be for you.

This app allows you to find a place for your pooch to stay in a home where they will be treated like family.

The app not only allows to find a place that will take in your pet and care for and love it like you would yourself, but this app allows you to learn about the type of accommodations your dog will be staying in, other animals that are likely to be there, and even how many walks they will go each day. Best of all, the caretakers on this app are trained and carry pet insurance.

Phone Warrior

If you are like most people and are sick and tired of those constant calls by telemarketers, then Phone Warrior is worth considering. This app allows you to get a lot of information regarding callers and texters whose numbers you don’t recognize, so you can determine whether or not to answer those calls. It also allows you to block telemarketers’ phone numbers, so that you will never be bothered by calls from that number again.

Hotel Tonight

If you are traveling and aren’t sure where you will stop for the night, Hotel Tonight is a great app to have, even if it is still quite unknown. With Hotel Tonight, you can book a hotel room at the last minute for a highly discounted rate. The best thing about this app is that you can often get a 4 or 5 star hotel for a discount that leaves the room highly affordable. You can even book a nice hotel for last minute guests that roll into town unexpectedly.

These four undercover apps may not be widely used yet, but they may be useful to you and worth further exploration. Which undercover apps do you use? Share your thoughts below!