If you want to know what is the world’s fastest internet speed, then you have landed in the right place! We are well-informed that technology has evolved along with the evolution of the world. Therefore, in this era of technology, thinking of a life without the internet may seem unimaginable for all of us!

But, the mere presence of the internet is not enough. An internet with speed as fast as light is a necessity. The satisfaction of using high-speed internet that can take you through a series of downloads is unquestionable. 

So, if your internet speed is slow, you might want to shift to one of the following countries. Keep an eye out to find out what is the world’s fastest internet speed!

1. Taiwan:

The first country on our list is Taiwan. It breaks all the records with the speed of 85.02 MB/S. Even though it has the fastest internet speed across the globe, many of its rural areas do not get this facility!

2. Singapore:

Next on our list is none other than Singapore! With the speed of 70.86 MB/S, it is the second-fastest internet provider. Out of the 4.5 million people who use social media in Singapore, 85% have an internet connection that is active.

3. Jersey:

Although a majority of people don’t know about Jersey, it is the third-highest country of the world with the fastest internet speed. People residing in the journey can benefit from the internet speed as high as 67.46 MB/S.

4. Sweden:

With the speed of up to 55.18 MB/S, Sweden also makes it to our list. The famous internet provider service Bahnhof that provides the fastest internet speed to homes is also located in Sweden.

5. Denmark:

The citizens of Denmark can avail of the fast connection of up to 49.19 MB/S. This is why the majority of the citizens of Denmark are always online.

6. Japan:

Japan has experienced a shoot in its internet usage in the last ten years and the citizens of Japan can enjoy the speed as high as 42.77 MB/S making it sixth on our list!

7. Luxembourg:

Next on our list is Luxembourg with the average internet speed of 41.69 MB/S. So you can even consider moving here!

8. The Netherlands:

The people residing in the Netherlands get to enjoy internet services as fast as 40.21 MB/S.

9. Switzerland:

Switzerland gets the spot of number nine on our list with an average internet speed of 38.85 MB/S.

10. San Marino:

Last but not the least; San Marino is the tenth fastest internet provider in the world. It has an internet speed of 38.73 MB/S.

So, this answers your question of what is the world’s fastest internet speed. If your country has not made it to the list, you might just start packing your bags now to move to any one of these countries!

Keep in mind that in the U.S., the FCC reports that some internet speeds may be purposely slowed by companies due to corporate greed and other reasons.

In fact, the U.S. ranked 40th in the world for average download speeds, at 28.72 mbps – compared, for example, to the top-scoring Taiwan at 85.02 MB/S. Yikes! Whatever happened to the promise of a much faster Google Fiber?