Over the past ten years, the world generally has noticed serious social media websites like MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook which have all generated different ways for people to interact and connect with other people. Facebook is known as the biggest social website. Today we have more than a billion users that make use of Facebook. In the future, with kids growing up and joining the social media platform, the number of people will increase. Facebook has been used for both personal and business communication, and its usage has brought lots of advantages in terms of sharing ideas, increasing connectivity, and learning online.

But as time passes, some studies have merged networking online with different disorders that come from the minds of the users. These disorders include low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and a lot of others. Because social media is a product of the 21st century, lots of questions relating to their impact on the health of its users mentally haven’t gotten desired answers yet. Because these online services are linked to the general population, any confirmed connection in the future between these diseases and these social media platforms could turn to a serious problem.

Reasons You Should Cancel Your Social Media Accounts

Some research has linked symptoms of depression with communications mediated using websites and computers. This problem is an important psychiatric issue. There are several reasons why social media platforms can make their users get a depressing feeling. There are also more reasons which depressed people would turn to social media.

You should cancel your social media accounts because of its effects on your mental health, the possibilities of not knowing who is taking your personal information, and a lot of other reasons.

These days with the creation of different social media platforms, kids and adolescents who look at the screens of their computers have greatly increased. Interpersonal communication in the nuclear family and society reduces greatly. Though social media lets someone talk to a lot of people, these conversations are not deep, and they can no way try to be a replacement for communicating face to face.

How Does Social Media Affect Mental Health?

Social Media does this by making you feel you are not doing enough—like you are not trying your best. It makes you feel you are not living your best life. This is because life on social media is filled with a lot of people trying to be or trying to act as though they have it better than others. It is a place people like to showcase what they have or what they just got. This has high depressive tendencies.

How Does Social Media Take Your Personal Information?

People rarely read the terms and conditions for lots of these social media websites. You might not be conscious of it, but you could be giving them full access to your private life and private files. For this to stop completely, cancel all your social media accounts as soon as possible.